Refinancing of floating-rate loans – fixing of interest rate spread

Udgivet den 24-08-2015  |  kl. 13:24  |  

Today, Nykredit Realkredit conducted two auctions in connection with the refinancing of Cibor3- and Euribor3-loans. The loans are funded by way of ROs issued out of Capital Centre D and SDOs issued out of Capital Centre H.                                                                                                                                                                                      

The results of the auctions are shown below. The spreads will be in force until the next refinancing.


  Cibor3-loan Euribor3-loan
ISIN DK000950734-5 DK000950742-8
Capital Centre G (RO) H (SDO)
Series 32G 22H
Interest rate cap - -
Auction results    
Total allotment DKK 4,750m EUR 310m
Total bids DKK 23,455m EUR 573m
Interest rate spread 0.46% 0.71%
Other information    
Next interest rate fixing 24 September 2015 23 September 2015
Next refinancing 1 October 2018 1 October 2018


The final terms for the bonds will be updated with the interest rate spread. The final terms will be available under Investor Relations at

Enquiries may be addressed to Group Treasury, Lars Mossing Madsen, tel. +45 44 55 11 66, Christian Mauritzen, tel +45 44 55 10 14 or Kim Brodersen tel. +45 44 55 24 21.


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